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Video Archive

Here you'll find a collection of presentations and videos taken from past events. Missed an event? Have no fear, catch up on what you've missed right here!


Legatus Law

Rashmi Dube and Siobhan Dexter of Legatus Law discuss Contract Law, legal agreements & Obligations, how to get paid and how they affect Construction SMEs.  

onto the page

Onto the Page

Onto the Page's Joanna Tillott guides our members through the ins and outs of private and public sector procurement; including:

  • The pros and cons of private and public sector bidding.

  • Are you bid ready?

  • How to find tender opportunities.

  • Top tips for completing your bid / tender.

1 min manager

Simon Robinson

Simon Robinson of 1 Minute Manager gives a talk about how to improve communications using a variety of different CRM and comms systems available to the construction industry.


Simon Kamen

Simon Kamen of Synergy Procurement delivers a presentation on how those in construction can save money on all aspects of their business by streamlining procurement processes and asking the right questions.


Becky Stevenson

Becky Stevenson discusses the right way to sort out your processes and procedures...


Sleigh Services

Samuel Leigh of Sleigh Services discusses a much-overlooked aspect of taking care of our staff - protecting their mental health.
Samuel talks to our members about the importance of mental self-care, the impact negative mental health can have on both the individual and the business and much more...

anita pickersgill

Anita Pickersgill

Anita Pickersgill from Kingsland Receivables talks to the group about managing and improving your finances and cash-flow


John Burgess

John Burgess of Sagars Accountants give a huge rundown on various finance software platforms in order to help members improve everything from tracking expenses, VAT and quotes to minimising the amount of time spent on day-to-day financial headaches.

gary ainley

Gary Ainley

Gary Ainley discusses the ins and outs of debt collection from the knowledge and experience of a debt collector and how using a debt collection service will help you get what you're owed.


Laura Walton

Laura Walton from Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds presents an in-depth look at business litigation as well as mediation, arbitration and much more that greatly benefit your business and help settle disputes, invoice issues, contractual obligations to name a few.


Dale Buck

Dale Buck from Fallen off the Cliff delivers our final event of 2018 at the Jubilee Sports Club. Dale is a lead-generation guru responsible for bringing £1000s of new business to his clients through the dark and mysterious arts of social media lead generation.

For this seminar, you'll learn everything you need to know to boost your social media presence, create new leads, contacts and much more.


Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson from Zest Group leads our first, full-day workshop based entirely upon Microsoft Office 365 and the massive amount of ways you can implement its tools to streamline and grow your business.  

Whether you came along or not, we've compiled a list of instructional videos that cover some of the days themes and subjects... 

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