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Training Manager Service

Enabling SMEs to reach their goals & grow through funding and training

Aim of the Service


To enable all registered businesses to claim funding support from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).


How it works

​Many small construction and trades businesses train their people but fail to claim funding because they don’t know how or feel the process is too difficult for them or simply don’t have the time. ​The CITB has around 80,000 (approx.) registered businesses of which only 23,000 (approx.) claim any funding. 


There are any more built environment sector organisations who are not registered with CITB and may be losing out on thousands of pounds through not claiming for the training they undertake. The development of CITB online has helped to smooth the process, but time is still a factor for many owner/MDs.

The Construction Network will help you:

Register your business with the CITB


Plan Your Training - Who, When and What


Organise your training – using recommended or CITB-approved training organisations


Claim Funding For Your Training and Get Paid!


What Can I Claim?


There are various CITB Funds you can claim from, but the main ones we use are: 

- Skills and Training Fund – where you can claim up to £10,000 depending on the size of your business

- Training Grant – where you can claim for a range of site related training activities

- Apprentice Grant – where you can claim for any apprentices you have that attend college. This can be around £2500 per apprentice per year. 

    + An Achievement Grant of  approx. £3,500 for each apprentice that successfully receives any college qualification. 


Do I have to pay anything?


If your salary payments to staff and contractors are less than £120,000 then you will not have to pay the CITB levy but can still claim all the funding.

For example: a trades business in the West Yorkshire area whose total wages and salary payments were around £137,000 had a levy of £637 due to be paid for the year.


They could claim:

£5000 – Skills and Training Fund

£7500 – Apprentice Fund for 3 apprentices

£1500 – for other site related training activities (IPAF/PASMA, Health and Safety etc)

Total £14000 for a £500 investment!


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