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Stand & Deliver

Training designed, developed & delivered by you!

Construction Workers

Many construction and trades businesses struggle to recruit and retain new employees and apprentices. This service aims to help these businesses by providing them with the skills and knowledge to learn how to:

  • Develop and design their own induction programmes to provide a meaningful introduction to their trade

  • Deliver those programmes to new entrants and other people seeking to learn about the trade and potentially change careers

  • Link these programmes to national standards to provide an understanding of the requirements to gain qualifications in their selected trade

  • Grow their business without the necessity of subcontractors who can be difficult to manage and take profit out of projects

The Programme Includes:

  • Understanding National Standards and how to support the delivery of these

  • Designing and developing a programme to help people understand the national standards and what is required

  • Understanding outcomes for learning and how to help delegates set objectives for their own learning

  • Learning how to develop effective training sessions and delegate packs

  • Learning how to deliver your programme to your delegates

Programmes Currently Under Development:

  • Introduction to Scaffolding

  • Introduction to Floor Fitting

  • Introduction to Spray Painting

Programmes in discussion:

  • Introduction to Tiling

  • Introduction to Joinery

Are you in a trade with the same challenges as those above? Want to know more about them? Then email and we’ll arrange a chat with you. Costs start at £3000 for a completed programme. We’ll also help you to attract delegates to your programme through our extensive networks.

Introduction to Training Delivery

Use your time and trainee for mutual benefit

We have also developed a short two hour Introduction to Training Delivery for people in construction businesses who have responsibility for apprentices or new entrants. This short session will help them to:

  • Set objectives and tasks for the trainee without feeling they have to watch them all the time and lose money

  • Plan activities to allow the work to continue and utilise the trainee efficiently and effectively

  • Understand how the work relates to any standards or qualifications

  • Provide feedback to the trainee and set action plans to improve their performance

The cost of this session will be £50 per delegate. To learn more email

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