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The Subcontractor


If years of working with construction and trades businesses has taught us one thing then it’s that they all have a challenge in managing their subcontractors. The most usual problems relate to:

  • Increasing demands from Main Contractors and Customers

  • Lack of available site resource across the sector and all trades

  • Businesses forced to recruit subcontractors “on the hoof” who promise the world and then don’t deliver it

  • Poor Quality of work increasing snagging and reducing profits on projects resulting in loss of credibility with main contractors and damage to their brand

  • “Matey” rather than professional relationships between contractors and subcontractors – OK when it’s OK

  • Lack of loyalty from subcontractors who see projects as a financial transaction and nothing else

Construction Workers
Construction Workers

The Subcontractor Guarantee aims to address this through:

  • Improving loyalty, trust and respect on both sides and building a better culture and benefits between the business and its subcontractors

  • Improving communications so that subcontractors understand the requirements on them to deliver a great project which will result in profits for all

  • Developing professional rather than “matey” relationships with all parties involved in the project and sharing in the rewards

  • Having clear audit trails for business processes to create accountability and responsibility for individuals and subcontractors within the project to achieve maximum profits

The Subcontractor Guarantee aims to build better and more rewarding relationships for all parties. It looks at the ethos and culture of business and how they can support each other to deliver great projects and where everyone can make the expected profit that has been estimated.


Option 1

Training Only


Training to implement and assess applications and undertake Subcontractor Reviews. 


£1500 one payment in advance.


Option 2

Training & Review


Training and Review. As prior but monthly reviews of progress and assessment to ensure consistency of practice. 


£300 per month paid in advance. Minimum 12 months contract. Save £600 if you pay it all upfront.


Option 3

Subcontractor Management


 We manage the process for you, providing regular management reports and updates. 


£750 per month paid in advance. Minimum 12 months contract. Save £750 if you pay it all upfront.

Want to know more?

Then email us at and we will arrange a no obligation call with you to learn about your challenges and talk you through the Subcontractor Guarantee & any other queries you may have.

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