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Business Meeting

Construction Skills Surgeries

Now you can work on your business from the comfort of your home or office! Construction Skills Surgeries enable us to give you a taste of our expansive range of programmes in one to two hour time slots hosted one to one over video conferencing. We'll take you through the basics of your chosen programme, setting you up with a roadmap for further business growth and development in all the areas you want it.


Please note: a Zoom Video Account or higher is needed to take part in video surgeries. Don't have Zoom? No problem, you can download it for free here

Introduction to the Subcontractor Guarantee

Struggling to manage your subcontractors and not sure what to do? The Introduction to our Subcontractor Guarantee programme allows you to understand the basics of subcontractor management before committing to the full the programme. If you decide to do the full programme and pay for it we’ll give you your £50 fee back for the Introduction! Learn about setting, defining and communicating your expectations to them as well as how to assess their performance.

Understanding how to Support Apprentices

Have you got an apprentice? Are they making the progress you want them to or not? Many companies struggle to motivate and manage apprentices and end up losing them. Think of all that time, effort and expense gone to waste. This short programme will help you to learn some easy coaching and mentoring approaches to keep them motivated and on board.

Estimating – Improving your Bid to Win Ratio

How much time do you waste completing estimates where you know you’re not going to get the work? How much additional pressure does that put on you or your estimating teams? This short programme will help you to embed a customer estimating analysis, as well as checking on your estimating approach. It also includes a unit costing exercise and an estimating consistency exercise to ensure that the estimates you do send out give you the best chance of making a profit on the job. To date the clients whom we have worked with have drastically increased their bid to win ratio as a result of undertaking this exercise.

Getting Paid for What you Do!

How annoying is it when, you’ve worked hard on a job and then your contractor decides to argue over invoices? How much time is wasted? How much money have you given away as a result? It’s a bit like they’ve taken an extra discount of you and they’ve still got your retentions haven’t they? This short programme helps you to address these issues and ensure you have processes in place to stop this from happening. It looks at your extras and variations process, identifies any gaps and will help you to close these. If you’ve not got a process for extras and variations then you need one and this programme will also help you develop this.

Proactive Planning

It has to be said that this is a major problem for many companies we speak to. Whether it’s planning for their business, planning for their jobs or planning for their people it can all be a bit short term. Some companies still plan on a week-to-week basis with very little pipeline for work. Do you rely on the “something will turn up” approach? How much extra stress does that give you? How difficult is it to hold onto staff and subcontractors when they can’t see work past the next week? This short introduction to planning will help you to see the benefits of planning on your business and your bottom line.

Proactive Communications

Steven Covey said that “communication is only as effective as the other person receives it.”  This short programme will help you examine how you communicate with your customers, staff and subcontractors. How you do that currently and how you can improve your approach. Good communications are the key to a good business.

Proactive Questioning

A lot of problems that companies encounter, especially with staff and subcontractor performance arise from asking the same or wrong questions. Do you have a problem with mistakes being repeated time after time? Are you asked the same questions by people, that you’ve already answered countless times? Asking the same questions, only ever get’s the same answers which in turn only drive more frustration. This short course will help you to ask different questions to get different answers which will change performance and reduce interruptions to your work flow.

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