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Recruiting for Keeps
Finding and Supporting the right people

One of the major challenges for our construction clients is recruiting the right people and supporting them through the business to retain them long term.

There are simple reasons for this, the main one being good intentions. These good intentions manifest themselves in a number of ways, but in reality when there are too many projects and those may have problems, then work takes over and the good intentions disappear. This leaves both the new employee and the business thinking “what could have been” and does not show the sector, the employer and in some cases the employee in a good light.

The Construction Network’s Recruiting for Keeps programme will help you to avoid the “good intentions” by helping you develop a robust and resilient programme with clear outcomes for the first 90 days of employment.

Construction Worker

It will break down the normal probation period (it doesn’t have to be 90 days but we do recommend that) into clear actions and achievements so both the employer and the new employee can see:

  1. What has been achieved to date

  2. What has yet to be achieved

  3. What issues or challenges either party is facing through the programme

  4. Developing plans to support the new employee through the programme

  5. Enabling the new employee to drive their progress meaning that as they move towards the end of the probation period there is no “squeaky bum time” wondering if they have done enough to be retained

  6. The employer can make a decision on their next steps towards and apprenticeship if that is the route to be taken increasing the chance of the new employee becoming a fully trained tradesperson and reducing the chance of them dropping out of the qualification.

What is included:

There are five modules in the Recruiting for Keeps Programme. These are:

  1. Identifying required attitudes and behaviours session

    1. What does our ideal new employee need to look, sound and feel like

    2. What attitudes do we need from them to help to embed them into our business

    3. What responsibilities do all employees have for supporting new people and what attributes do the need to demonstrate to new employees

  2. Recruitment tools and techniques sessions

    1. It’s not just about a 20 minute interview and off we go

    2. Understanding different recruitment tools and techniques

      1. Trades skills tests – what do they know already

      2. Practical skills demonstration such as timekeeping attendance etc

      3. Interviewing skills based around the “I Keep 6 Honest Men” principles

      4. Understanding what other skills and knowledge they may have that we can use in the business

      5. Assessing the information you have on the potential employee to make an informed decision on whether to employ them or not

  3. Completed induction session

    1. Developing the induction programme itself

    2. Setting milestones and targets

    3. Communicating the responsibility of the new employee in driving the success of the induction programme

    4. Practical scenarios and case studies

  4. Delivering the Induction and monitoring performance session

    1. Roles and responsibilities of all employees in delivering the induction programme

    2. Understanding what Coaching and Mentoring actually means

    3. Understanding how to get and provide feedback on progress using the “I keep 6 Honest Men” principles

    4. Understanding how to review targets and set new ones

    5. Making a decision on the fitness of the new employee to become one of the team

    6. Developing a future training plan for them to continue to enhance their skills and knowledge

  5. Professionally presenting our business to candidates session

    1. Understanding our Brand and why this is important

    2. Why would someone want to work for us

    3. What are the benefits of becoming one of our employees

    4. It’s not about sitting in your ivory tower and trusting social media.

    5. Learning how to network and acting professionally when we do

    6. Dealing with different people in different scenarios

    7. Where can we get potential new employees from and how to approach these establishments

What Will I get as a Result of Attending this programme?

Most employment opportunities fail as a result of what we said at the Introduction above. This programme will provide your business with:

  1. A clearly defined and manageable recruitment and selection process

  2. A clearly defined Induction Programme which will cover probation and make it easier for you and the new employee to decide whether they or you are a keeper or not

  3. A process which enables the new employee to own the programme and demonstrate their attitudes and behaviours to you

  4. The ability to monitor the progress of the delegate in a simple and effective method

  5. A better understanding of why people would want to work for your business and the benefits they will get

  6. Improved interviewing techniques using Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and techniques

  7. A professional networking approach to improve your confidence when speaking and presenting the opportunity your business provides to a range of establishments

How much does it Cost?

The cost of the programme is £3000. It can be delivered in company or through digital tools such as zoom. The Construction Network will work with you to agree suitable times to undertake the workshop sessions.


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