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Constructing Better Business

Constructing Better business is a four-part training course designed to teach SME's how better to manage contracts, develop and improve staff coordination and training and much more

 What is Constructing Better Business? 

 Constructing Better Business has been developed as a standalone programme to:


• Help construction Owner/MD’s better understand and manage their business 

• Help construction Owner/MD’s develop their people to take more responsibility for site activities to aid management and improvement within the business 


Working with SME/Micro organisations over the period we have learned that many construction SME/Micro businesses have developed organically. They have grown through word of mouth, being referred on to other contractors and work and business has grown as a result. In some cases, with organisations, working up and down the UK and not making the profits they should. 


Constructing Better Business has been developed to provide to support Owner/MD’s to improve their planning and management of projects by using simple stuff that works and not complicating their business model but revising it to make it work more effectively for them. 

 What does Constructing Better Business include?

Constructing Better Business is comprised of 4 modules:

1. Planning For Performance

2. The Art Of Communication

3.Working As One Team

4. Improving Individual Performance

Each module is designed to bring out the best in your staff through a series of activities and exercises in the form of workbooks. 

What are the Benefits of Constructing Better Business for Delegates and Main Contractors? 

Constructing Better Business can be utilised in two ways. For sub-contractors, this can result in better managed businesses which perform better from the office to the site. For Main Contractors, it can also be used as a supply chain management programme, which will address the current challenges many Contract and Site Managers face on a day to day basis, which increases their workload, stress levels and ultimately impacts on the performance of the project. Reducing these can only be a good thing for all parties involved. 

Delegates will benefit in the following ways: 

• Improved strategies for managing and running their business 

• Improved processes and procedures to support the management and control of projects 

• Improved communications between office, site and clients 

• Audit trails to manage their part of the build process to include extras and variations 

• Improved site management skills to improve productivity on site 


Main Contractors and Contract Managers will benefit in the following ways: 

• Better organised sub-contractors 

• Improved project completion and standards 

• Reduced telephone calls and e-mails thereby reducing workload 

• Improved invoicing and clarity of extras and variations 

• Improved productivity on site 

• Improved relationships with sub-contractors and the supply chain 

1. Planning For Performance

2. The Art of Communication

3. Working As One Team

4. Improving Individual Performance

Fixing Roofs

Constructing Better Business

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