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Looking for valuable little nuggets of expertise from organisations specialising in a 

huge variety of subjects relevant to the construction industry?

Look no further than Bitesize, our short-form videos that cover everything you may need to know or find useful in the day to day running of your business. Bitesize content is completely free for anyone to watch, just keep checking back for new videos from new organisations keen to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you! 


We provide excellent training and consultancy services for misunderstood autistic adults who want to move forwards in life.


This includes help understanding your own autism, to developing social skills, or getting a job.

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Premier Spray Finishing is a Barnsley-based company specialising in domestic and commercial renovations and refinishing using airless spraying. 


Barth Consulting provides independent advice to large corporates, SMEs and individual investors. Since 2017, Barth Consulting has helped numerous business owners, accountants and other capital allowances providers across the UK.

Barth Consulting

Kyle Murtagh is a public speaking and confidence coach based in Scotland and is here to help you build up your confidence in speaking to others. Be it pitching for a client, interviewing or improving staff communication, Kyle is here to take you through the first steps of improvement through his numerous award winning methods.


Sword Finance are an Independent Specialist Consultancy, providing Commercial and Business Finance support to SME clients throughout the whole of the UK, looking to obtain finance to grow their business.


Hewitt & McLeod Limited are debt recovery specialists, working together with our clients’ credit control and account receivables departments as part of their cash collection and escalation process.

Receive your free copy of their "12 Steps" by reaching out via the link below. 

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