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Guesstimate to Estimate
Improving your bid-to-win ratio.


How much time do you waste completing estimates where you know you’re not going to get the work?

How much additional pressure does that put on you or your estimating teams?

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This programme will help you to embed a customer estimating analysis, as well as checking on your estimating approach. It also includes a unit costing exercise and an estimating consistency exercise to ensure that the estimates you do send out give you the best chance of making a profit on the job.

To date the clients whom we have worked with have drastically increased their bid to win ratio as a result of undertaking this exercise.

The 4 day programme includes:

- The Estimating Mindset – Are we pricing for everything?

- Customer Estimating Analysis – who’s wasting your time and who isn’t?

- Understanding Unit Costing - When we estimate are we including everything?

- Estimating Accuracy and Consistency – Are we estimating in a consistent manner?

- Post Project Review – Do we know where it went wrong?

The cost of this programme is:

  1. Training only – includes materials and training sessions - £1600 per company

  2. Training and Facilitating 4 Post Project Reviews - £2000 per company


This programme has already helped organisations to:

- Improve their bid to win ratio’s through estimating less and winning more business

- Increase their profitability on Projects through better understanding of costs and how to manage them

- Improved consistency and confidence in delivering estimates to customers.


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