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Pre-Apprenticeship Courses

Looking for a new career in construction fresh out of education? Perhaps you're looking to pursue a switch in careers and aren't 100% sure which section of the construction industry appeals to you the most? 

Developed in partnership with clients from all areas of construction, we've developed a series of four-week,       pre-apprenticeship programmes to give absolutely anyone an in-depth, immersive and realistic education in a huge selection of fields. With courses taught by experienced professionals in realistic and accurate conditions, you'll be getting hands-on in your chosen course over a four week period.

See below for our current list of available courses where you can learn more about their contents and how to book on...

Are you looking to develop your own pre-apprenticeship course in a particular sector? Check out our Stand & Deliver Programme to find out more. 

What course are you interested in?

Introduction to Tiling

Based in Sheffield and with combined decades in the tiling sector, Landmark Training Services offers unrivalled experience in both the practical and business aspects of running successful private and commercial tiling businesses. 

Your learning will be hands-on, culminating in being taught to plan, cost, manage and complete your own project! 

Assured Short Course

Introduction to Scaffolding

Looking to break into the scaffolding industry but don't know where to start? Leeds-based MJM Scaffolding provides top class scaffolding services specialising in heritage sites. MJM has a great track record in taking novices and turning them into knowledgable, self-reliant and professional scaffolders through investing in talent and enthusiasm for the job. 

Courses with MJM are taught in true to life conditions, you'll be working outside in the elements, being taught the fundamentals of scaffolding. 

Assured Short Course

Introduction to Flooring

After years of successful commercial and private floor installation fitting, Beyond Flooring wanted to find a way to to bring in a new generation of workers in an industry where new blood is steadily shrinking. Beyond Flooring takes its rich knowledge of the industry and uses it to train staff they themselves would be proud to recruit, equipped with the knowledge to undertake the most demanding installations to the highest level of skill and professionalism. 

You'll start by familiarising yourself with the tools of the trade, progressing to undertaking a range of projects using the huge variety of materials used in the flooring sector. 

Assured Short Course

Introduction to Spraying

Home renovations in the recent years have boomed with many people opting for more budget-friendly updates that airless spraying brings. No mess combined with fast and incredible results, this section of the industry has only gotten more in-demand with PSF's workplaces going between commercial and domestic worksites and their central Barnsley premises where clients are able to drop off their furniture for refinishing. 

There's a lot to learn for prospective students but you're in very good and knowledgable hands. With training taking place in-house using industry spray booths to on-site locations, you'll become familiar with all the tools, materials and techniques of the trade.

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