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We love bringing new topics and speakers into the construction industry. Featuring experts in various trades, policies or aspects linked to the world of construction, we frequently hold live video events where viewers can get involved with the discussions, interact with our speakers and learn more about a range of topics that might be new to them.

If you've missed any of our previous events, you can catch up on them all below...


24th January, 4pm

Navigating access to new recruits with the CITB

Streamlining Recruitment and Grants for Construction SMEs.

Winter is Coming: How to prepare and protect your housing tenants

Winter is coming. This means condensation and poor ventilation - ideal breeding grounds for harmful mould and bacteria. Are you doing enough to protect your tenants from their harmful effects?

Improving Health in the Lettings Sector - Combating Mould in Homes

We're joined by Inducoat B.V. - a specialist in anti-mould, fungal and viral paints and coatings - to find out how such products can be extremely useful in providing long-term protection and guaranteeing the health and wellbeing of residents.

Know Your Numbers - Where are you going?

Following on from 'Where are you now", we'll be discussing how Know Your Numbers can help you to start looking into your construction company's financial future.

From forecasting, to financing and planning, join The Construction Network and finance and growth strategy expert Craig Alexander Rattray for a free seminar exploring how KYN - Construction can teach you to start planning for your financial future instead of reacting to it.

Know Your Numbers - Where are you now?

Know Your Numbers - Where are you now? takes a look at where your business currently stands in managing its finances and how construction SMEs such as yourself are balancing it with day to day work. If managing your numbers is causing headaches and sleepless nights, we're here to offer a light at the end of the tunnel.

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