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The Great Value Logo Book

Many businesses who've slowed down following the recent months of lockdown are now picking back up and using this momentum to make both small and sweeping changes to their businesses - one of which being a style and branding facelift...

In order to help out those in the construction sector who may want to revamp their look or swap an old and tired logo for something professionally designed or illustrated, we've unveiled the Great Value Logo Book! Every 4 weeks we'll showcase 8 new logos provided by us that you can choose from and have personalised for the low price of £99! Yours to keep and do what you want with for under a hundred quid!

The process is simple, pick the logo you like from the selection and have it personalised with your business name, slogan and colour scheme. Professionally made, and guaranteed to stand out in a crowd for a bargain compared to hiring a designer or agency to come up with one for you and invoice you for all those man-hours.

All of our logos are royalty-free which means you don't need to pinch a design from Google Images and risk being sued for copyright infringement to find a good design.

Check out this month's selection below and if you see something you like, drop us an email at


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