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The Be Fair Framework - What Does it Do?

No 1 - It's All About Commitment!

I've written a lot recently about CITB's Be Fair Framework and how it will help construction businesses build a sustainable and fair organisation but not talked much about what it covers.

This is the first of a short series setting out the requirements of Be Fair and how it will help you and your business develop the right strategies for you and your people.

Commitment - we hear that word all the time don't we? Whether it's business or sport we need commitment, we want our people to be committed to us and our business, but do we have a strategy for building commitment or do we just expect it?

You'll be surprised how many businesses just expect people to rock up and give their all without providing very much in return, after all "they've got a job haven't they?" It's surprising what small actions bring big results and discretional effort from people.

The Be Fair Framework highlights demonstrating, influencing and promoting fairness, inclusion and respect and building this into the way your business operates. So, the question is what have you done to demonstrate, influence and promote fairness inclusion and respect within your business and those who supply to you and buy from you? If you feel you have this, has it been done by stealth or is it part and parcel of your business and the way you want it to operate? More importantly, do you feel that the organisations you supply to treat you the way you would want to be treated, or already treat the people who work for you?

Nick Cooke of BAM Construction, spoke at an event I attended recently. He emphasised the point that his company "wanted their supply chain to share the ethos and processes" as this would build better relationship and provide sustainability for all.

So, have you really committed to demonstrating, influencing and promoting fairness, inclusion and respect and, if so, is it clearly demonstrated in your strategy? If it is, well done, you're on the way to being a Be Fair employer! If not, maybe you need to take some action?

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