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Event Clips

Want to know what great events you're missing out one?


Check out a few free snippets from previous events covering a huge range of topics relevant to your business

Not getting paid? 10 Minutes at the start will save hours at the end


Gary Ainley from Expert Collections discusses the ins and outs of debt collection from the knowledge and experience of a debt collector and how using a debt collection service will help you get what you're owed.

Better Sales Through Better Use Of Software

John Burgess of Sagars Accountants tells the story of a builder whose expert use of quoting software helps him win more business than his slower competitors...

Working without Terms & Conditions

Anita Pickersgill from Kingsland Receivables discusses the dangers of working without a contract and terms and conditions and the risk of 'verbal contracts' to your business.

Setting up your LinkedIn profile for maximum engagement


Dale Buck from Fallen off the Cliff gives a few top tips to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

What to do when you're faced with a problem?


Laura Walton from Oakwood Solicitors in Leeds  presents an in-depth look at business litigation as well as mediation, arbitration and much more that greatly benefit your business and help settle disputes, invoice issues, contractual obligations to name a few.

Fuel Cards - How companies use contract life-cycles to squeeze more cash out of your business

Simon Kamen of Synergy Procurement delivers a presentation on how those in construction can save money on all aspects of their business by streamlining procurement processes and asking the right questions.

Tendering in the Private Sector: Maximising Social Media Use

A short clip from May 2018's event from Onto the Pages's Joanna Tillot presentation 'Tendering in the Private Sector: How to find and win new business'

Mental Health First Aid

Samuel Leigh of Sleigh Services discusses a much-overlooked aspect of taking care of our staff - protecting their mental health.
Samuel talks to our members about the importance of mental self-care, the impact negative mental health can have on both the individual and the business and much more... 

What is so difficult about tendering in the private sector?

A short clip from May 2018's event from Onto the Pages's Joanna Tillot presentation 'Tendering in the Private Sector: How to find and win new business'

How to Improve Communications in a Construction business using technology?

Simon Robinson of 1 Minute Manager explains the need for improving communications and the benefits from doing so...

Are we organised well enough?

Becky Stevenson discusses the right way to sort out your processes and procedures...

Knowing your Contract

Rashmi Dube and and Siobhan Dexter of Legatus Law discuss what to expect with work contracts and the pitfalls surrounding them.

Is it right for me? 3 Questions to ask before tendering

Joanna Tillott and Sarah Heyes from Onto The Page talk about three important questions you must ask yourself before submitting a tendering application.

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